dental implants for missing teeth in a day in Denver and Cherry Creek, CO

Hello and welcome to New Image Dental Implant Center. We are happy to be serving our neighbors in the Denver, Thornton and Lakewood area!

If you are missing teeth and are looking for a permanent dentures option that is fast, we recommend the Teeth in a Day dentures system. This is an implant supported dentures system.

What is the Teeth in a Day System?

It is an amazing dental implants system that can give you a full smile in–yes–one day!

Here is why the Teeth in a Day dental implants system at New Image Dental Implant Center is so fabulous:

  • We have an in house Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, so our specialties are performed right here in our comfortable office. No need to outsource any part of the Same Day Dentures procedure! You can get to know and feel comfortable with all of our caring, well-trained team.
  • At New Image, we have full service with specialists and will recommend what is best for each patient’s situation. We partner with you to make sure you are completely happy with the Teeth in a Day system to supply you with permanent dentures.
  • When compared with other implant secured dentures systems, we are proud to offer Nobel dental implants. These dental implants are very high quality and are extremely reliable.
  • The placement of the dental implants is done with a 3D cat scan, so we offer you the most precise procedures using top of the line dental technology.
  • The dentures are made with copolymer teeth (for hardness) instead of acrylic, and custom bars are implanted to make the Same Day Dentures teeth system very strong.

The Teeth in a Day Dental Implant Process

The Teeth in a Day procedure is very simple. At a consultation visit, we will gather information using a 3D cat scan and will compile all that information to use with the Same Day Dentures software system. On your next visit, you will get the dental implants and have dental crowns placed on those dental implants. The dental crowns look, feel and function like natural teeth. The dentures are then placed between the dental implants and secured to them. No more messy adhesives to attach your dentures to your gums! No more dentures slipping, clicking or falling out.

Our friendly, caring dentists and our awesome team are committed to giving you a beautiful, healthy smile. Call today!

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Denver, Cherry Creek Dental implants are a proven solution for patients with one or more missing teeth. The doctors at New Image Dental Implant Center in Denver, Colorado offer advanced methods in the placement and restoration of dental implants. We can dramatically improve your smile and oral health. Contact us today!
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