Benefits of Same Day Dentures

denture implants and dental implants in Denver and Cherry CreekWhy use Denture Implants?

Are you missing teeth and want to smile again with confidence? Do you currently wear dentures but find they aren’t working out? Maybe they look false, they slip, click, or make you speak unclearly. Maybe they even fall out. Are you ready to try something new, attractive and permanent?

At New Image Dental Implant Center, our talented doctors and caring, well-trained team offer an amazing alternative to dentures that we think you’ll love. It is fixed teeth, also called implant supported dentures. And there is a system that is so quick and remarkable, you may not believe it. It’s called Same Day Dentures implants.

What are Same Day Denture Implants?

Same Day Denture implants are implant supported dentures. A dental implant is a small titanium rod that is placed into your jaw. This dental implant becomes a “new” tooth root. A dental crown is placed onto the dental implant. Together, the dental implant and dental crown create a “new” tooth. Same day denture implants are a special dental implant system that places implants in your smile and then attaches dentures to those dental implants. That’s why same day denture implants are implant supported dentures.

What are the Benefits of Same Day Denture Implants?

  • get implant supported dentures and dental implants in Cherry Creek and DenverSame day implant supported dentures use a speedy process. This process is commonly called Teeth in a Day because you will get your implant supported dentures in a day. Yes, it’s true!
  • Using Teeth in a Day implants as implant supported dentures means your dentures are permanent. No more messy adhesives or the possibility of slipping, clicking, falling out or chafing and rubbing. The implant supported dentures are connected to your new dental implants.

At New Image Dental Implant Center, we use top of the line dental technology with these implant supported dentures. We use the finest materials, and we use skillful techniques combined with caring for you and what you want and need. Call today!

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