The Same Day Denture Procedure

teeth in a day implant procedure in Denver and Cherry CreekTeeth in a Day

We are excited to share with you the Teeth In A Day implant supported dentures procedure with you if you have missing teeth or have been wearing traditional dentures. This fixed teeth treatment will delight our Denver, Thornton and Lakewood neighbors.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Your visits will occur something like this:

  • Visit 1 | Patients come in for a complimentary Same Day Denture dental implant procedure consultation or a no charge group seminar where they receive information about the teeth in a day. Initial radiographs are done and the initial findings are discussed with one of our doctors. The doctor will let you know if you are a candidate for teeth in a day. A dental implant procedure consultant will be with you during your visit to ensure all of your questions and concerns are answered. You will be told of all your dental implant procedure options and an initial estimate of the fees is given. Your only real decision that day is whether or not to commit to a Case Work Up, or visit 2.
  • Visits 2 and 3 | This is a comprehensive “Case Work Up”. It includes a very detailed teeth in a day dental implant procedure examination. Any additional x-rays that are needed, almost always including a 3D x-ray, are done on here in our comfortable office. Study models are made from impressions of the patient’s mouth. Photos are usually taken. Teeth shade and shape are decided upon by you with our guidance. All this allows our Prosthodontist and Oral Surgeon to collect the dental data needed to collaborate on your individual case. Our specialists meet together and discuss and plan treatment for every case. They then take more time to discuss every aspect of that plan with you. This appointment also gives you a chance to ask any further questions that you may have about the teeth in a day dental implant procedure.

Once the doctors have completed their analysis and created a personalized treatment the teeth in a day dental implant procedure plan, all options are again discussed and any remaining questions or concerns are answered.

Once the plan is finalized a final firm price will be set in writing for your signature. It is usually the same, or very close, to the price set at the first visit. Your fee for the proposed treatment will then not change and there are no hidden costs.

Our master laboratory technician will immediately begin to work of fabricating your teeth.

Leave with a smile using same day dentures!

The next step is to schedule the following series of appointments which will begin a big change for the better in your life:

  • Appointment 1 | You will get to see a wax version of your new smile which will be used to fabricate your interim prosthesis. While the interim is only worn for a few months, it’s important to us that you are happy and leave our office with a smile you can be proud of.
  • same day dentures dental implant procedure in Cherry Creek and DenverAppointment 2 | Implant placement and attachment of your interim prosthesis is the exciting next step. You should plan to spend the entire day with us. You’ll spend the morning comfortably sedated while your implants are placed. The afternoon will be spent in the care of your prosthetic team, as they convert and affix the interim teeth to your newly placed implants. You’ll be able rest in between treatment, as our prosthetic team works to finalize your interim prosthesis for you. You’ll go home that evening with your brand new smile!
  • Follow-up Visits 1 and 2 | We’ll have you back one or more times to monitor your healing and ensure that all is going as planned. Any needed adjustments with the the teeth in a day dental implant procedure are made. During this time, your gums will heal and change shape, while your bone is bonding even more tightly to your implants.
  • Visits 8 and 9 | After a 4-6 month healing period, new impressions are made for a second and final set of teeth. The final prosthesis is built over a CAD/CAM Milled titanium bar, which provides added strength so that your teeth can last a very long time: usually your entire life. This bar is never visible to you or anyone else. It is designed to be under your new teeth where it will always support them. These appointments are short and very easy for you.
  • Visit 10 | The placement of your final Same Day Dentures prosthesis is done in one visit. You may return for a short series of one or two follow-up visits to ensure that the bite and fit are comfortable.

The teeth in a day dental implant procedure is a revolutionary approach for patients who have lost, or are in the process of losing, all their teeth. With the teeth in a day dental implant procedure, you’ll be able to eat and chew whatever you like, just as if you had natural, healthy teeth. We can restore the look, strength and function of natural teeth in one day!

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